Future Proofing Our Community
Through Community Based Leadership Development
Utilising Vital Projects as the Context

Why we are passionate about
community-based leadership development

The most important thing we can do for our future and our communities is develop and support leaders so they can be all they can be, with the utmost integrity and aligned with their deepest values.

THIS is THE most good we can do in the world.


We are a volunteer organization, made up of passionate Tamworthian, bringing skills, knowledge, resources,
and connections to the Tamworth LGA (alongside running our businesses or work).

We are made up of a small board, many supporters, and local & global advisors.
Our work is made possible only through sponsorship and donations.

Current AYKCP Tamworth Leadership
Development Program

Aunty’s name and image are used with permission of the Kent family.

Pioneers Portrait Leadership Development Program

We first ‘walk our talk’ by Spotlighting Leadership in our community with the Aunty Yvonne Kent Commemorative Portrait Leadership Development Program.

Running from July 2022 to December 2023.

The RU Board made a commitment to host multiple community events to complete a portrait of Aunty and include the community in the process.

Get Involved

There are many ways you can become involved. Here are some of the ways we suggest you can help

As you consider what you would like to do, keep in mind you know you and what you can offer better than us,
so please feel welcome to make other suggestions about how you could contribute and become involved.

Be A Patron

Be a patron of Regional Unlimited by making a financial contribution, helping with the costs involved in running the organisation

Sponsor A Specific Program

Sponsor a specific program, helping us fund the costs of engaging world class facilitators and role models

Join A Working Group

Join a working group attached to a program we are delivering; mentoring or presenting on leadership

Propose A Project

Propose a project that you would like to deliver and engage us to support with the leadership development of your team

Join A Project

Join a project where we are providing leadership development, volunteering to work with the leaders of a project

Be A Consultant

Be a consultant to Regional Unlimited, offering your expertise to the board, perhaps with marketing, communications or grant writing or other expertise
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We are incredibly grateful to our sponsors:

Tamworth concil
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We acknowledge the Kamilaroi people as the traditional custodians of the land on which we work and live. We recognise the strength, resilience and capacity of our Aboriginal community. We have the utmost respect for the Elders past, present and future. We aspire to join equally with our indigenous brothers and sisters in working to create a healthy and productive environment for the whole of our community.

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